Vedic Puja-Havan
General Puja

Puja is the act of showing reverence to a God, a sprit or another aspect of the divine through invocations, prayers, songs and rituals. A vital part of Puja for the devotee is making a spiritual connection with the divine. Mostly that contact is facilities through an object, an element of nature, a sculpture or a painting.There are several Pujas that people can do for specific purpose such as victory of fight, remove obstacles, good health, success in job or business, good materialistic gain etc. Some puja is being performed also for removing of malefic effects as Kaalsarp dosh, Manglik dosh, Vastu dosh ,Pitra dosh etc. Here we perform several Vedic pujas on behalf of those who request us for their betterment in their life.

Katyani Puja

Katyani Mata Puja is performed for the purpose of early & timely marriage. Due to many obstacles as Manglik dosh, Kuja dosh or another dosh in the birth chart, the marriage is delayed. We offer this Puja for marriage on behalf of the person as per the requirement.

Price : 11000 (INR)

Puja for Love & marriage

Lord Kamdev and Goddess Rati are the one which create the love and affection in our life .They are God of love. So Kamdev-Rati Puja is performed for good and happy love and relationship .It is said that even Lord Shiva was not able to resist the love emotions created in him by Kamdev and Rati. This puja is beneficial for the people who are seeking for love in their life and want to have the love and affection of a desired partner.

Price : 11000 (INR)

Puja for Ketu Shanti

Puja for Ketu (dragon's tail) Shanti is dedicated to planet Ketu which is also called as a dark or shadow planet. Ketu shanti Puja is recommended for those who have malefic effects of ketu or wrongly placed Ketu as per birth chart. Ketu Shanti Puja is helpful to reduce the bad influence of ketu and also for peace of mind.

Price : 11000 (INR)

Puja for victory over enemy

Mata Baglamukhi is worshipped for victory in court cases and also for getting the victory over enemies. It is said that offering of Puja to Mata Baglamukhi acts like a weapon to stop your enemy from doing something harmful against you. Mata Baglamukhi has also the power to remove the bad effects of black magic.

Price : 21000 (INR)