Muhurat is a branch of Astrology known as Electional Astrology, where as "Shubh Muhurat" means auspicious time selection (Date & Time) for starting any important personal or professional work in terms of greatest success and productivity..

Here we provide you a most favorable time and date as per advance system of Vedic Astrology to start/commence any important activities such as Marriage,Grih Pravesh,starting business, joining the job, New constructions, medical Surgery, legal Case, to wear Gems and many more to achieve better stability,prosperity,name and fame. For this purpose we require only your birth details and purpose of auspicious time.

Service Price

Service Price
Shubh Muhurat Selection 2100 (INR)
Special Shubh Muhurat Selection 5100 (INR)
Day to Day Monthly Basis 11000 (INR)