When Saturn transit in twelve, first and second house from the birth Moon is called the Sade sati and fourth and eighth position from the Moon called Saturn's Dhaiya .The effects of Sade sati remains for seven and a half year and that of Dhaiya remains for two and a half year. This cycles of Sadesati repeats every 30 years and thus a person face at least 3 Sadesati in his life'

Saturn for cancer, Virgo and Pieces Rashi's is Malefic. If Saturn is weak, combust, bad placed or afflicted in birth chart, people face a lot of problems in this period and disturbed mentally, physically and financially. In this period due to sadesati or Dhaiya people experience ill health, laziness, dispute etc. problem due to enemy loss due to theft or fire etc and death of elders in family occurs. If you have any problem due to Sadesati or Dhaiya of Saturn contacts us, we provide simple and effective remedial suggestion for how to make your life better.

Remedial suggestion of ill effects of Sadesati Dhaiya : 5100 (INR)