Acharya Rekha Ji

Rekha Arya with 20 year experience introduces herself as a Vedic Astrologer. She has also deep Knowledge in Numerology , Gemology, Palmistry & Vastu .She is Expert in all area of predictive techniques' of Astrology such as Horoscope analysis , Horary Astrology(Through Prashna Kundli ), Shubh Muhurat , and Vastu wel as she suggested the best effective Astral remedies to remove all types of problems in life through Astrology . She learnt Astrology and Occult area of Astrology from India's renowned Institutions and confered the title of Jyotish Maharshi, Jyotish Visharad etc.


Service Price
Ask 1 Question 2100 (INR)
Ask 2 Questions 3100(INR)
Ask 3 Questions 5100 (INR)
Phone Consultation (20 min) 5100 (INR)
Phone Consultation (30 min) 7000 (INR)
Phone Consultation (45 min) 11000 (INR)
Phone Consultation (60 min) 15000 (INR)
Predictions (Kundli Analysis) Price
One Year Prediction 2100 (INR)
Two Years Prediction 3100 (INR)
Three Years Prediction 5100 (INR)
Four Years Prediction 6100 (INR)
Compatibility Price
Marriage Compatibility 2100 (INR)
Romance Compatibility 3500 (INR)
Business compatibility 3500 (INR)
Vastu Consultation For Residential Price
One Question 2100 (INR)
Two Question 3500 (INR)
Complete Residential Vastu 5100 (INR)
Vastu Consultation For Commercial Price
One Question 2100 (INR)
Two Question 3100 (INR)
Complete Commercial Vastu 15000 (INR)
Complete Residential Vastu 11000 (INR)
Spiritual Astrology Price
Art of Living Through Spirituality 11000 (INR)
Past Karma Removal 11000 (INR)
Phone Consultation (30 min) 5100 (INR)
Phone Consultation (60 min) 8000 (INR)