Every married couple has a dream to have children and bring up a family .It is joy full for Parents when they are blessed with a son .So child birth is a major gain or event in a men's and women's married life.

But a couple without a child are always crating of the society, which bring more stress and strain to them .But there could be many reasons behind delay to child birth or total denial.Our Progeny Report can explain everything regarding the child birth time ,Period and many more .In our reports the Horoscopes of the couple is analyzed to the last minute details. Special attention is given to the 5th house (Prime house of child birth), 2nd house (House of family) and Saptmansh Chart (Divisional chart of Child birth).The factors effecting the delay or denial of child birth are pinpointed and the simple and effective remedies are suggested accordingly.

In this service we will describe about :
  • What will be your good pregnancy Period.
  • How many children you will have.
  • Is the pregnancy period free from any malefic effects?
  • Is there any chance of miscarriage to child birth?
  • Is there any childlessness in the horoscope of male or female or both?
  • Timing of birth of child through transit of planets and its period.
  • Any delay to childbirth or total denial.
  • About Gandmool Dosh.
  • Simple and effective remedial suggestions for good and healthy child.
Price : 11000 (INR)

Delivery Instructions

*The Delivery will be done through email or Couriers.
* Usually Delivery is done within 5 to 7 days.