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There were several events in our lives that made us curious to explore the various magnitudes of astrology that of course would not be possible to be listed here, as the list is quite long. But were always fascinated by the way some experts would predict about a lot of future imminent aspects.

Although there was a lot of apprehension during the initial stages of life, regarding the immense power of this science and how it substituted the upcoming events in anyone's life. This power always fascinated us and therefore eventually became our destiny. We believe, everything that takes place around us is decided by the supreme power placed above us, above all as a matter of fact. We started predicting around our social circle and most of them came to life. Then, progressively we started making frequent predictions that indeed started turning into realities.

Acharya Dr. Parmanand and Acharya Rekha specify in endowing and establishing your name while being an individual, a Company business, Industry etc. We are aware of the fact that we cannot change or modify the date of our birth, and our destiny, but with the suitable measures and effective and timely solutions, we can definitely curtail its ill effects with the power of Astrology, in order to overcome the difficulties and hurdles customary in your life by captivating help of the influential science of Astrology. We have been offering self-less services to numerous of our followers in the last so many years, as we possess an excessive hold over the substance of Vedic Astrology and gemology. We have been enduring our research on the various subjects for numerous years now and we wish to impart our beliefs and assistances for all our clients based all across the globe. We have transferred our expert predictions and tips in order to attain a better life all through the country and abroad too.

We have been practicing Astrology & Gemology for the past 20 to 27 years and are intensely spiritual & divine. We are devoted followers of God and follow the practical virtues of the Vastu Shastra. While there is no astrological measure that can change the events in life, however along with the right path and guidance these troubles can contract its influence and bring pleasure back into your life.

Our Astrologers

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