Since ancient age Vedic Astrology is very useful and path leading science for adverting misfortune and curing disease. Medical Astrology is a branch of Vedic Astrology which focuses on your health issues. In Vedic Astrology puts light on relation between planetary movement and various diseases. In which it was proved that there is a definite link between the first, six, eight, and twelve Bhava and their sub lord in one's horoscope to occurrence of diseases in the conjoined period.

In the Vedic astrology it is well known fact the twelve house of a horoscope signify the different part of human body. For example, First house -head, second house -eye & face, third house -arms & shoulder etc. So each zodiac sign and planet is ruling certain part of a human body and effect and controls them by their energy. In Medical Astrology health issue are largely governed by the sixth house and its lord along with the ascendant in birth chart .The situation of Sun and Moon along with placement of Saturn (Chronicle condition )and Mars (Acute condition) also play important role.

If you have any disease which is difficult to cure or would you like to know whether you would confect any disease, type of disease/accident, timing of disease, timing of surgery, recovery from disease or whatever you have depression or social tendencies. What type of food is suitable for you? Then contact us and get simple remedy through Vedic medical astrology.


Service Price
Predictions about Health & Diseases for next 2 year 2100 (INR)
Predictions with remedies 5100 (INR)
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