Unhappy married life, unhealthy relationship and divorce can make the live like a hell. This happen due to Manglik dosh. Mars occupying the first or fourth or seventh or eighth or twelfth house of the birth chart and this Mars is not its favorite rashi as Aries or Scorpio or Capricorn, the birth chart has MANGLIK DOSH. Beside this when other cruel planet like Rahu,Shani and Sun are placed in the above mentioned house similar Yoga is formed, which has ill effects similar to Manglik Dosh.Though the severity of the ill effects will be less in comparison to Manglik Dosh formed by Mars.

This placement of Mars could be in the Lagna chart, Moon chart or Navmansh chart or in all of them. If this placement of Mars happens in one of the above mentioned charts, the ill effects will be lesser but if this happened in two or all of the charts then the ill effects will be more severe.

A person effected by the Manglik Dosh suffer by the various way as excessive Delay in getting marriage, Dispute and quarrels in marital life, Mismatch in thought, Divorce, Death of spouse and Lac of children etc. If you are facing any problems due to Manglik Dosh,contact us and get simple and effective suggestions/remedies for better couple life.

Remedial suggestion of ill effects of Sadesati Dhaiya : 5100 (INR)