Everybody wants best career / business, opportunity , promotion and a good position in society . May be you are unsatisfied with your current job and want to know for betterment or maybe you are doing hard work in business but not getting satisfactory growth , may face problem in business or factory as less profitable , workman problems etc .

You know what's in store in your career, Should you go for the job or business? What business is suitable for you .Astrology is the only divine tool which can answer your queries and provide you the right direction of life . We shall give you the right direction of life .We shall give you time framed pinpoint predictions of your promotion / job change / betterment in business and possible Astro. Remedies . All queries, replies and data are kept confidential.


Service Price
Career or business report (3 Years) 5100 (INR)
Career or business report (10 Years) 11000 (INR)
*(After getting payment for our service /suggestion /astrological items will be sent by mail / courier to you within 7 days from the date of payment.)
Delivery Instructions

*The Delivery will be done through email or Couriers.
* Usually Delivery is done within 5 to 7 days.