Compativity of two individuals lead to mutual harmoni and happiness. A detailed compativity report covers loking at the charts of prosective partners for lovr or marriage,as also for any other relationship like business partners,friends,father and son etc. In business partnership compatibility is joining of two business related people who gain from each other's company or rather the partnership relation between or among them . In partnership when people came together to work on a project or business, it involves working of their common fortune.

According to vedic astrology if the natal chart of the existing partner is compatible to each other, then their partnership stands for a longer term and business will be profitable otherwise their project will not reap good profits. We and our expert help you to know your partnership business to ensure success and satisfaction before starting any partnership business. In this report be study also the tenth house (house of work), lord of 10th house,7th house with its lord and other planets related to general luck of each other , stability of partnership , probability of cheating / fraud etc . If there is any remedy required for business compatibility , we also provide enough information regarding it.

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