In Vedic Astrology three components are necessary to cast a true and perfect horoscope , they are date of birth , time and place of birth . Date and place are mostly correct but the same could not be said about the time of birth . If you have any doubt about your birth time don't worry , Vedic Astrology is a divine tools which is able to calculate accurate time of your birth . This process is known as "Birth chart rectification" .

In this process the accuracy of a horoscope is tallied with the main events that have already happened in the life of native by going through Dasha , Bhukti and Antra as well as transits . If the events tallies with the horoscope it is correct other wise horoscope requires birth time rectification . For rectification of your birth time , we require only some information / events of your life .

  • Your birthdate and place including morning , evening , midnight , before dinner etc . If it is known .
  • Marriage date or major love affairs date.
  • Date of birth of your children
  • Parents still alive or not / date of demise of parents / family member .
  • Major purchases / acquisition like cars / home etc. with date.
  • Date of first employment or new business.
  • Whether affected by any accident injury, illness or surgery.
  • Any significant happening of your life which changes your life.
  • Whether you have moved within or outside country with date.
Price : 11000 (INR)

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